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About Us
Looking to hire talented web programer or software developer for reasonable cost? You are at right place.

We are Software development and Web application Development outsourcing company pride ourselves to be the best service provider in IT industry at much affordable rates. We have experts in Web development working on PHP, MySQL, HTML/DHTML, AJAX, ASP.NET for developing Professional websites and much talented Software developers having great skills in C/C++/Win32SDK, C#, Java application with good work experience.

RusCoder company has been founded in 2005 dedicated to be an affiliate of the USA outsourcing company oDesk Corporation. This opportunity allowed us to unite disparate web programmers and software developers into a team and enter the international market of the software customers.

We always search for talented programmers able to work for competitive rate. We test their skills, teach to work in a team and share our top programming features, technical achievements and latest technology with them. This way we keep our team providing the best customer services.

Our office located in Moscow, Russia. Developers work remotely, thats why our rates are cheap. Our customers are from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Norway, France. Most of them are standing clients. We mostly work as outsourcing company for small and medium IT enterprises.
Today we achieve over 15 000 worked hours per year. Our programming skills are certified by BrainBench, Inventa, Lynx and oDesk.

We have dozens of projects performed as a background either complex and plain or fast fixes.

We are privileged to work with a number of customers including: Tenbelowzero, Inc; Globecom Intl, LLc; TAEUS Intl Corporation; SU Soft ASA; We pride ourselves to be their longterm partner.

Our best achievment is a communication and customer satisfaction priority over the pure coding. We understand that a customer and their interests are more important than code. This is authority and reason of making the good code for people.
Richard White at Socratica, LLC for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Alexandr completed our geography gadget in a single day and to exact specifications. Thank you! I would definitely recommend Alexandr. A very communicative and enthusiastic developer."

Jean-Charles Tramasure at Interactive Kingdom SA
"Maksym has overdelivered on this assignment! He didn't shy away from working hard on this urgent project. He showed he possesses superior flash/flex developer."

Richard White at Socratica, LLC for Alexandr Dorogikh
"There was a misunderstanding regarding this assignment. Instead of a Google desktop gadget, we needed an iGoogle gadget. Consequently, Alexandr recommended we look for a different provider. We appreciate his honesty. He did show very rapid progress on the Google desktop gadget, however."

Jonas Eichhorst at Sovr > Design for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Absolutely fantastic, went not one but ten extra miles... On oDesk unfortunately 5 star is seeming to become the norm for average jobs, Alex however absolutely did a 5 star job, professional work ethic, good quality result, proactive - perfect, would always hire straight away again!"

Nikita Levitan at Levitan & CO
"Dasha, a RusCoder team AJAX specialist, is an excellent freelancer, she delivers on her promises before set deadlines. Provides quality code without tables, ready for SEO. She speaks perfect English, and is very capable. I will definitely work with her in the future. Highly recommended."

Christian Ammann at Betterhomes AG for Oleksii Molchanovskyi
"Oleksii made a great job! He delivered the solution for our task quickly, with detailed information and in perfect quality. Gladly we'll hire him again for our next tasks."

Christian Ammann at Betterhomes AG for Oleksii Molchanovskyi
"Oleksii solved problem, he made perfect job!"

Sergio Gonzales at Hijinx Technologies LLC for Oleksii Molchanovskyi
"Oleksii was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. Oleksii was also very proactive at continued testing of his work, even providing bug fixes after the initial phase of the project. When we were having difficulty on our servers--completely our issue--Oleksii jumped in to help us troubleshoot and resolve the problem. I would definitely work with Oleksii again."

marc davis at Plasticiq
"Fantastic communicator and very knowledgeable; takes the time to get to know the code and goes beyond call of duty in thinking of efficient solutions. Highly recommend."

Michael Gilbert at MichaelTzu for Igor Kharlamov
"Igor was brilliant. Considering that we were unclear both in our specifications and what we actually wanted Igor to create for us he did a great job. We were not even clear as to what software to use and Igor advised us well. I will use him again as soon as we have the need. He is very conscientious, courteous, knowledable with the software he was coding with, does not make assumptions but seeks clarity so we Had a good mutual understanding. He helped us clarify what our own requirements were and this has helped us enormously and given us a database that will save us a lot of time and de-centralise our way of working. Thank you Igor."

Lowell Munz at Munzter Creative for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Over the past 30 days Alex has completed numerous screens for an online donation application. He has worked tirelessly to convert sometimes confusing and often incomplete client specifications into streamlined front-end UI HTML - all W3C compliant - which they are thrilled with. When problems arise he is quick to provide concise questions and corresponding solutions. His turnaround time is always prompt and the quality of his work is excellent. I would highly recommend Alex for this time of development project."

David Albrecht at David Albrecht for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Excellent! Alexander is a very skilled PHP and JQuery developer. He accomplished every task very fast and made huge progress for my project. I will continue to work with him."

Panos Ipeirotis at New York University for Oleksii Molchanovskyi
"I was happy with the outcome. Would would with Oleksii again."

Jonathan van Clute at Niche Information Services for Oleksii Molchanovskyi
"Oleksii is fantastic, and I will absolutely work with him again as often as possible. His coding abilities are excellent, his code is clean and well documented, and he is very good at finding solutions to problems. He's very self directed and once I gave him the outline of what I needed done, he figured out whatever he needed to know, to get it done. There was never any down time because he didn't know the answer to something... if he didn't know, he found out on his own. He was also excellent about always using the Odesk interface, so that I knew precisely what he was working on at any given time. His English is pretty good, certainly good enough to communicate whatever was most important. He was also willing to work with me using email, skype, AIM, and even videos where necessary. All around, Oleksii is top notch. The only reason I would suggest you should not hire him is because I want him to be available for my projects! =)"

Phil Peel at Wepsor Ltd. for Alexey Gagarkin
"Worked well with Aleksey he fulfilled all the tasks that we set for him and will certainly work with him again on future assignments."

Richard White at Socratica, LLC for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Alexander did an excellent job for us. He was always available, and open to performing additional edits when necessary. He kept out team up-to-date with his progress on the assignment, and went so far as to include a few design features of his own, including some excellent ideas that made it into the final design. We will certainly be using him again for future assignments, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone else in need of high-quality HTML/Javascript work."

Daniel Khan at KHAN Informationstechnik for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Alexandr did a very good job. He asked the right questions, exactly got our point and swiftly implemented it. A very good programmer."

Lowell Munz at Munzter Creative for Alexandr Dorogikh
"Alex has done an excellent job on this project over the past 2 months. He has worked with precision and speed to complete each task correctly and on time. His communication is always prompt and concise - he makes suggestions to improve the final product. He has contributed greatly to the success of this project. I will be gladly hiring him again."

Owen Barker at Curio Cards
"Fantastic to work with. Alex is very detail oriented, concise fast and efficient programmer. I highly recommend him and would gladly work with him on future assignments."

Brian Walsh at Castfire for Ivan Chirnev
"Ivan is a rock star. I would promote him even more, but then you will hire him and I won't get to work with him. All kidding aside, he was a life saver. Kudos to he and the Russcoder team. Awesome work."

Matthew Troyer at Taeus International Corp.
"I have worked with Alex, a RusCoder senior programmer, off and on for about 4 years. He was one of the first developers on the oDesk network, and I was fortunate enough to make his acquaintance when I posted my first job. He is excellent in every way. His programming skills are top notch for sure, but he is also more skilled at project management than most of the developers I have used. I like to use Alex on assignments where I can scope out a big picture and set some goals and let Alex run with the project. If you are new to oDesk and know what you want, but are concerned that you don't have the skills to manage your project, Alex is a the guy for you. If you are and experienced program manager, Alex can help off load some of your management time as well as roll up his sleeves and write quality code fast."

Markus Nolten at Let It Ring gmbh for Alexandr Dorogikh
"I really enjoy to work with Alex. Excellent Job, as always!"

Lyn Askin at Dominate The Rankings >
"Sergey is one of the best I've ever hired. Absolutely a pro. Work was completed quickly and accurately. Will hire again in the future!!!!!"

RECENT PROJECTS we are working on:
  • www taeus com
  • www open-ip org
  • www trendio com
  • www rjettek com
  • www susoft com
  • www biosyntrx com
  • www wepsor com
We offer PHP, MySQL, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP.NET professional website development and C/C++, C#, Java, Delphi desktop application development such like:
  • Web Programming
  • Web Applications
  • Ecommerce
  • User Interface Design
  • Desktop Applications
  • Client-Server Applications
  • Game Development
  • Script & Utilities
  • Software Plugins
  • Mobile Applications
  • Application Interface Design
  • Website and Software QA
  • Database Administration
  • Illustration
  • 3D Modelling/CAD
In the former USSR countries, the people being well educated has trouble in applying their talents. All of our developers have bachelor or higher degree, have passed tests or possess international certificates.

Our developers team is made up of young programming specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan. Find out more

Founder members:

Eugen Alexeevskiy.
Programming engineer, technical responsible.
Born in Moscow, Russia in 1974. Lives in Russia.
Education: Moscow Baumann Technical University, Informatics, bachelor degree.
Prior to co-founding RusCoder company worked as freelance PHP programmer.

Vlad Frescini.
Human resource manager, communication responsible.
Born in Moscow, Russia in 1971.
Education: Highest Ministry of Foreign Affairs international export manager courses. Brera Milano. Bachelor of Arts. Prior to co-founding RusCoder company worked as Human Resource manager of Terra 21 Gmbh luxuriöse Baumaterialien Reseller.
Our hourly rates are low as $13.00 - $20.00. It is final customer price, no extra charge.

The main reason is the low life cost in the 3rd world countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukrain, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other USSR former contries. That's why our programmers are able to work for $8.00 - $15.00 (after taxes) per hour.

We work remotley, we save on office and transport expenses.

The total customer rate includes 10% oDesk fee for their services, taxes the company and programmers pay, the founder staff wages, the investments (the advertizing mostly) and other company expences like software development management, hosting, server administration etc.
We process work through USA outsourcing company oDesk Corporation, an affiliate of which we are.
  • You don't care of cross-countries remote payments for developers. You pay oDesk with your credit card online.
  • You can see what happens on developer's computer as it were local.
  • You pay 1 week past the work completion. We guarantee anytime money back.
  • Your hire deal is legal and protected by USA legislation, including your copyrights.

Benefits of working with our team:

  • You don't pay for stuck time. We suggest each other in complex case if necessary.
  • Your work never delays or stops for human reasons (i.e. sickness). We are interchangeable.
  • You can accelerate twice and more the development for the same hour cost. Hire more than one developer.
  • You don't distract and solve all in one place. Find here the only responsible instance for different needs.
  • You avoid the hard choice problem selecting candidates over dozens of similar CVs.
You pay only after you approve the weekly work completed. Moreover, we guarantee anytime money refund if you are not satisfied with our work, in accordance with oDesk Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Email.
  • Instant Messengers: Yahoo, Skype, GTalk.
  • Phone.
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